JAMEWIN TRADING, one of the main scrap collector located at Jl.Gajah Mada Batam Centre,Simpang Jam Baloi Batam was estabilshed in 1990. It was owned by local Indonesian. PT.Jamewin Trading is professional in scrap carton box , plastic and industrial rubbish transportation. PT. Jamewin Trading is to fulfill the customer needs of cleanness service, work to recycle 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Priority) and to be a transporter that can face a challenge, especially in the best service and competitive price.

Our company is running on the activity to “Recycle Former Cartons and Plastics”. We are also a partner of Government Cleanness Department for Domestic Waste Transportation (Non-B3). As a carrier or collector, we receive customers order for transportation and giving guarantee of cleanness in the output environment.

JAMEWIN TRADING is a sub company of GAMTER JAYA (GJ) GROUP. Where are all merged to run in the environment care activity (Green City – Save Our Earth). Group Structure of GAMTER JAYA (GJ) – Website:

  1. DESA AIR CARGO BATAM (B3 Waste Transporter and Disposal)
  2. GAMTER JAYA (Tank Cleaning Tanker)
  3. GREENINDO TRITAMA (Liquid Waste Recycle)
  4. MEGAGREEN (Used Oil Recycle)
  5. JAMEWIN TRADING (Industrial Rubbish Transportation-Scrap Collection & Carton Box, Plastic, Etc.)

The strict training to all the staff and employee, from the marketing staff to cleaning service is hoped can create a discipline work environment, high precise and efficiency, so we can give a service quality guarantee with the precise time for transportation. We thank you for the chance that given to us. We apologize if there is any imperfect and unclear statement in this request proposal. We are looking forward that you are positively responding to our request soon. Thank you for your attention.

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Mr. Kurniawan