Japan – Indonesia Global Marriage Component 2 (Wedding Procedure)

Japan – Indonesia Global Marriage Component 2 (Wedding Procedure)

Proceed the wedding

Japan and Indonesia has numerous variations in wedding procedures. We needed to determine where we should continue it, whether in Indonesia or in Japan first. As each of us had been in Japan and now we needed http://hotrussianwomen.net/latin-brides/ to afterwards apply for visa, therefore we made a decision to have completed in Japan first.

I discovered cases that are surprising the procedures. As an example, in Indonesia, perhaps the wedding is going to be held by both Indonesia nationwide, every person has to get “Single Certificate” (certificate mentioned that you’re not in a wedding), but spouse stated that he’s never heard this kind of certification in Japan. He asked town hallway and so they stated that, generally speaking wedding between both Japanese nationwide doesn’t need such certification, nonetheless, for worldwide wedding where “Single Certificate” is necessary, town hallway will issue the document. Therefore, i believe perhaps not a lot of Japanese understand the presence associated with certification.

Wedding in Japan is proceeded in town hallway. As my papers had been printed in Bahasa Indonesia, we needed seriously to obtain it translated into Japanese by Embassy of Republic of Indonesia before distribute it to Japan town hallway. We went to city hall to get it proceeded (for list of documents needed, please refer to your Embassy’s homepage) after we got all required documents ready (including marriage registration/kon’in todoke),. For Indonesia nationwide, information on international wedding enrollment and document required could be located here (In Bahasa Indonesia)

Wedding Registration Sheet todoke that is(kon’in

City hallway one who proceed our documents called to many other town hallway who possess expertise in proceed international marriage and seemed for many appropriate means from a dense guidebook. Once more, we recognized marriage that is international nevertheless uncommon. However, individual in control quickly finished the procedures that are necessary explained every thing to us politely. It impressed me personally making me fall in love (again) to Japan.

Throughout the procedure, when I don’t have family members title (that is quite typical in Indonesia), we confused just how to compose my name down on “Marriage Registration” sheet, where family members title and final name should be in writing individually. In the long run, I became permitted to compose straight down my title just the method it really is by ignoring edge line for household title and final title. Furthermore, we thought that i shall, immediately, get my better half family name, but I happened to be amazed it wasn’t. (*In Japan, if a female marrying a person, her family members title will likely be turned into her husband’s household title).

Most likely procedures in city hallway finished, we got hitched in Islamic method (called nikah) at Embassy of Republic of Indonesia in Tokyo. We received two Indonesia wedding certificates (it really is in passport size, with green and cover that is red being a evidence that people are actually wife and husband.

Indonesia wedding nikah and certificate record (wedding register)

An individual from Embassy of Republic of Indonesia whom took care of our nikah ended up being really courteous and mild, he provided a mild advice to spouse, “There are a whole lot of haram things such as for instance pork and alcohol right here in Japan, but in my opinion being a Muslim, we are able to maintain the faith, all the best and do your ” that is best. For Indonesia nationwide, means of nikah can here be found (In Bahasa Indonesia)

Wedding record from Embassy of Republic of Indonesia

Alhamdullillah wedding procedure in Japan and Indonesia (Islamic) way finished safely. Keeps ended up being visa that we will share in next article.

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